Augmented Reality SEO: The future of SEO

Augmented Reality sounds like some concept used in a Science Fiction movie. Doesn’t it?

However, with the introduction of virtual reality concept and the launch of games like Pokemon Go, this concept has proved its existence in the actual world.

Augmented Reality (AR) is the future of mobile apps as it can be used not only in Gaming industry but also in every industry possible. A quick fact for you, it is being used right now in IKEA Place App (a furnishing App which uses AR to help you choose the best suitable furniture for your home).

What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality is when a different reality is over-layed onto your pre-existing reality using certain devices such as smartphones and smart glasses. Computer generated images of a different setting are superimposed onto your device to alter your perspective reality. AR works in sync with other technologies such IoT (Internet of Things) and many others to give people a richer view on their reality.

Difference between VR and AR?

I hope you already know the difference, think of a VR headset (VR concept) and the Pokemon Go (AR concept).

To quickly brief you, VR (Virtual Reality) is basically when a person is totally submerged into a completely different reality than the one they are currently living in. Whereas with AR you can see  an altered version of your own reality on your phone screen/smart-glasses and still be in your present reality.

SEO and AR: What to expect in future?

Now let’s focus into the SEO aspects of Augmented Reality.

Till now, SEO marketers were focusing on improving the content of websites and their search rankings with the help of images, videos and info-graphics. Now with the success of Augmented Reality, this will be the new concept which will be a default feature in all websites in near future.

That is why, Google already is planning to make changes to improve Google Maps using Augmented Reality. This means Google may also release its next SEO algorithm update with the prior focus on Augmented Reality.

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